What does this mean?

Given that domestic and construction work is performed by a vulnerable sector of the population, the IMSS has focused on taking the necessary actions to implement a special regime in order to guarantee access to social security for employees of any sector, and in order for them to obtain equal rights as workers in Mexico.

Our goal is to protect you and from any labor matter, ensure that you are complying with the rights of workers and we administrate the entire process by providing you with a bilingual service for the understanding of the service itself.

We manage the whole process for you; you will not have to worry about anything.

Why should I register my employees?

It is an employer's obligation to provide social security to workers, since doing so gives them access to medical care, allows them to save for retirement and to access financing for housing through INFONAVIT.

This avoids entering into a conflict with the authorities. The IMSS has the power to inspect randomly or under a complaint filed by an affected employee, in which case a fine of up to 100% of the omitted contributions may be paid.

Making payroll deductible. When employees are registered with the IMSS, the payroll is tax-deductible, which is not the case when they are paid by other methods, resulting in a misunderstood perception of savings.

  • 100% salary deduction.
  • Stability and security of the personnel.
  • Reduction of labor risks, both for employees and those that may arise from fines for non- compliance.

  • We manage the entire accounting process with experts in the field for the registration or cancellation before the corresponding governmental entities.
  • We will generate labor contracts which will protect you in case of non-compliance in job performance.
  • We manage the process for you to obtain your annual income tax return.
  • We manage all the necessary processes for the generation of payments to government entities.
  • We create a customized accounting strategy depending on the worker's working hours and days.

  • Make an appointment with the specialist to communicate your situation.
  • We will analyze your case.
  • We will generate a quote for you.

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